Bomb A$$ Brand Academy

We'll follow my 6-step process to build your brand's digital foundation. You'll join like-minded entrepreneurs in this 2-day academy and you'll walk away with the tools needed to grow your business online.

Who this is perfect for...

Entrepreneurs who are on a fixed budget who are ready and willing to put in the work to understand and build a marketing foundation for their newly established business.

Let's Turn Your Dope Idea Into a Money-Making Business

You're in, friend! I'll be in touch with information on the first session soon.

Price: $289

Academy $712 value!

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What You'll Walk Away With...


The Best Ways to Identify and Find Your Target Audience

Finding that specific group who will benefit most from what you offer is a major key to branding success.

Step-by-Step Walk Through of How To Define Your Unique Value

Defining what you offer and the problem you solve into a perfect statement can help you solidify your place within your industry.

Tactics for Finding the Holes in Your Market that Your Product or Service Can Fill

Your product or service should solve a specific problem for a specific type of person. We'll talk through some of those untapped markets and figure out where you can fill the gap.

A Solid Idea of the Type of Logo and Color Schemes that Will Work Best for Your Business

There are specific shapes, colors, and visuals that will appeal to your target audience. We'll talk through how to discover those together.

About Kesha

Kesha Phillips is an accomplished digital marketer, visual designer, photographer, and creative director who works to capture and share brand stories that inspire people to engage. She is currently lending her skills to Mighty Distributing System of America serving as their Digital Media Manager. There, her creative perspective has earned her opportunities to work on national, prominent campaigns. Kesha is dedicated to the digital empowerment of women around the world. She chooses to devote her time to helping women entrepreneurs learn how to leverage digital platforms to further their ambitions and shares key digital tactics needed to succeed professionally. Kesha is happiest when with her husband and 10-year-old twins binging Netflix series at home on the Eastside of Atlanta.

Bomb A$$ Brand Academy

You're in, friend! I'll be in touch with information on the first session soon.
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