In this comprehensive workbook, brand strategist Kesha Phillips gives you a fun, step-by-step guide to creating a marketing and digital strategy for your small business.   You’ll walk away with a defined target market. You’ll discover your brand voice. You’ll map out 30 days of content that’s right for your brand along with so much more.

Here's a Peek at What's Inside...

Define your expertise and narrow your niche | Value: $115
  • A narrow niche equals higher earning potential.
Define your unique value proposition | Value: $115
  • You'll know exactly why your customers should buy from you instead of your competitors.
Build your brand identity | Value: $245
  • From colors to logo designs, we'll walk through everything you should consider when developing your brand identity.

"This workbook is epic. Spoken from someone who has spent Thousaaaands on coaching in the past year alone, that had no business spending, to get a fraction of the value Kesha provided in both this workbook, plus our two conversations.

Beyond the information, it’s how she instills trust, delivers confidence, recognizes, respects, and sends love through the way she writes. Getting myself emotional, but it’s actually Kesha's fault so there."
Joya Joya @BodyCampbyJoya

About The Author

Momma, wife, humorist, creator of things – I help women build Bomb A$$ Brands. I’ve worked on national campaigns and built audiences in the tens of thousands. I live for authenticity and am an advocate of positivity.   On a mission to help women entrepreneurs leverage digital tools and their unique value to grow profitable product or service-based businesses.


Hey friend - I want you to feel confident in the value you're getting. So, if you you don't feel the Bomb A$$ Brand Workbook provided you with a proper foundation and isn't worth the $37, contact me within two weeks of your purchase and I'll get you a full refund. Fair enough? Let's get it.